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The Town of Cleveland is located in Russell County Virginia.  Incorporated in 1946, Cleveland supports a diverse economic environment including coal mining, agriculture, a power plant, railroads and the Clinch River Nature Preserve.  Families have made their homes here for generations due in large part to the caring, small town atmosphere with a deep seated heritage. 


The Clinch River runs through the Town of Cleveland.  The Clinch River has one of the world's largest collection of rare and endangered fresh water species. 


The Nature Conservancy has acquired a 438-acre area known as the Cleveland Natural Area Preserve to protect a globally-rare plant community as well as significant habitat for endangered freshwater mussels.  Cleveland Natural Area Preserve ecompasses approximately 1.5 miles of frontage along the Clinch River just outside of the Town of Cleveland.  The tract is part of an ecological hotspot with national signifiance for its remarkable concentration of rarites both in the water and on land.

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