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Real Estate Tax Rate: $.15/$100

Personal Property Tax Rate: $.50/$100

Motor Vehicle Decal, Auto Fee: $15.00

Motor Vehicle Decal, Motorcycle Fee: $7.50

Business License Rates: TBA

Machinery & Tools Tax: TBA

Office Equipment Tax: TBA

Consumption Tax, Meals and Lodging: TBA

Sales Tax, municipal: 1% of gross sales

Town of Cleveland Annual Tax Rates:

Town of Cleveland Monthly Water, Sewer, and Trash Rates

Residential Water (inside town limits): $25.00/3,000gallons

Residential Sewer (inside town limits): 100% of water

Residential Trash Pickup (inside town limits): $13.00

Residential Water (outside town limits):$30.00

Residential Sewer (outside town limits): $30.00

Residential Trash Pickup (outside town limits); $20.00

Commercial  Water (inside town limits):

Business Sewer (inside town limits):

Business Trash Pickup (inside town limits):

Business Water (outside town limits):

Business Sewer (outside town limits):$36.00

Business Trash Pickup (outside town limits):$50.00

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